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The All In One Weight-Loss Kit

* NO Exercise Involved

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This 60 day program is so easy, so effective, and SAFE! The WBC Weight-Loss Kit will correct your eating habits and can help you lose over 60lbs in 6 months. It’s a safe and natural solution backed by science, clinical experience, and over 75,000 happy customers. Most importantly, the test of time. In 200 years of clinical use, these ingredients have never caused any harmful results of any kind…that is hard to say for most weight loss supplements.

Welcome To Well Body Concepts

We're so happy you are here.

But here's why...

  • Likely, you are unhappy with your weight and want to make a change
  • Reduce risk of potential health issues
  • Improve diet
  • Increase energy
  • Because you heard our way to lose weight is quick and easy

- Facts -

  • Nearly 77% of all American’s are overweight or obese.
  • 65% of all women are overweight and 59% of all men are overweight.
  • According to Dr. Louis Orr – past President of the American Medical Association, "obesity is the greatest danger to the health of American people."

If you aren't sold yet.. here's our proof!

The Breakup

We realize that most people have a relationship with food. We all love their our lattes and deserts. The “feel good food” is the “go to” when stressed, depressed, and even happy!

Food is a social thing; we go out on dates to dinner, we eat at the movie theater, we stop for an ice cream, or we meet at Starbucks for a “coffee” – A coffee that can have more calories than a whole meal!

Is 15 minutes on the tongue worth carrying the results – FAT – around for the next 5 years or more? Knowing we have to break up with our loves of sugar, soda,
flour, rice, and so much, we have to weigh the pro’s and con’s….


Feel better

      • More energy
      • Better mood
      • Sleep Better
      • Less illness
      • Confidence

Look Better

      • Fit into  your skinny clothes
      • Not embarrassed in pictures
      • Proud of how you look
      • Live Longer


      • No energy
      • Trouble sleeping
      • More susceptible to getting
        diabetes, heart attack,
        stroke, and more
      • Hard to be active
      • Statistically, a shorter life
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